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Reflex is proud to be a Google AppsTM Solutions provider. We can help you adopt Google AppsTM for your school

FREE email and collaboration tools for your school!

Google AppsTM for Education

Connect and Collaborate with Google AppsTM

Google Apps - GMail Use GMail for your existing school email addresses. Google Docs Collaborate using Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.
Google Calendar Create and synchronise multiple calendars on the web Google Sites Create web pages that can be shared on the school Intranet
Google Talk Instant messaging for students and teachers using Google Talk. Google Mobile
Synchronise Google AppsTM with mobile devices such as iPhone, Android & Blackberry
Google Contacts
Synchronise and share contacts

Google AppsTM Education Edition is a FREE suite of hosted communication collaboration applications designed for schools. With FREE email, messaging, and shared calendars, everyone in school is connected. Google AppsTM facilitates collaboration in real-time and easy access to documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and sites from anywhere, on any device. Stop attaching and start sharing. Hosted Google AppsTM can save time and resources, while keeping your data safe and secure. Keep your school domain without the expense of maintaining software or hardware.

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We can assist with your deployment of Google AppsTM from initial planning to training and deployment.

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